Christians for the Mountains

    Christians For The Mountains
(CFTM) is a network of persons committed to advocating that Christians and their churches recognize their God-given responsibility to live compatably and sustainably upon this earth God has created.

CFTM is nondenominational and non-partisan, but does take a critical prophetic stance in advocacy for justice, righteousness, and peace for the land and its inhabitants. CFTM seeks to be respectful to all voices seeking truth.

Membership is open to anyone who aligns with the principles and goals of CFTM. There is no membership fee. Members are requested to take upon themselves personal responsiblity as well as help out in the cause.

CFTM at this time is operated by a Steering Committee in order to expedite decisions. Steering Committee Members are Carol Warren; Janet Keating; Allen Johnson; Bob Marshall (Treasurer), Mary Ellen O'Farrell.

At this time almost all CFTM work is done on a volunteer basis. We have one part-time worker and a very modest budget.

CFTM welcomes and gratefully appreciates financial contributions. These funds go toward community organizing in the coalfields, offering pastoral support for people struggling through the devestation of mountaintop removal, organizing in churches, and faith-based groups on college campuses, disseminating its DVD and printed material, holding conferences, and other outreach work. Contributions can be sent to Bob Marshall, 886 Z Ridge Divide, Kenna, West Virginia 25248. Financial reports will be available upon request to the treasurer.

CFTM has 501(c)3 nonprofit tax status through a partnership with World Stewardship Institute. 887 Sebastopol Rd Ste A, Santa Rosa, California 95407-6828. Contact Person is Fred Krueger. Telephone 707-573-3161.

Would you like to join Christians for the Mountains?  If so please send your contact information to: 

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