These resources are available for you to use for your personal and community educational puposes
These are helpful resources for getting your congregation, school or faith community
involved in the movement to end the destructive practice of surface mining
and stand for social and environmental justice in Appalachia

Please use them, and help grow the movement for justice and peace in Appalachia!


mountain mourning collection d v d front cover image and link                                               Mountain Mourning Collection DVD

Film is a very powerful medium in which to share with others the devastating impacts that Mountaintop Removal Mining has on the people, culture, and mountains of Appalachia. B.J. Gudmundsson of Patchwork Films produced the Mountain Morning Collection for Christians for the Mountains, and it is a very valuable tool for education and advocacy as well as a portrait of what is taking place in God’s Appalachian Mountains.  For more information on the DVD or to order a copy please visit Patchwork Films.

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program has a wealth of information available such as Earth Day Sunday materials, environmental health guides, hymns, Green building, water, and eco justice resources and much much more.   Take advatage of these wonderful guides here.

For great multimedia resources such as GoogleMaps layers and Endangered Mountains videos, go to this i love mountains page.

Here are a collection of Religious Statements Against Mountaintop Removal put out by various denominations. 

graphic "click here to find out if your energy use is connected to mountaintop removal mining